docomo 25GB/month SMS available

a monthly contract, with FREE shipping

SMS avaiable

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docomo SIM with SMS

Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity with our SIM cards, leveraging the robust docomo network.
Stay effortlessly connected WHEREVER your journey leads you.

Key Advantages of the docomo Network:

  • Stable communication environment with comfortable speeds
  • Highly praised for its speed and quality
  • The preferred choice among Prepaid SIM cards in Japan

Customizable SIM Card Size

Customizable SIM cards that fit your needs.
Our SIM cards can be cut to fit any size by hand, so you can use them in any device.

SMS avaiable

Our SIM plan stands out with its inclusion of SMS messaging, typically unavailable to short-term visitors. Additionally, the cost of sending SMS messages is already covered in the monthly fee.

No Returns Needed

Say goodbye to return hassles! Our SIM service eliminates the need for returns, offering seamless communication for short-term stays with added convenience.



Daily LimitNone
Voice CallNot Supported

Monthly Data Limit: Please note that the speed will drop down to 200kbps after 25GB/month.
Phone numbers that start with 090, 080, 070 or 020 can be assigned, but cannot be used to make phone calls.


*Our SIM service is based on a monthly contract. A MONTHLY FEE will be charged until you cancel your plan.
Sending SMS messages is free for up to 50 messages per month.
SMS messages can only be sent to Japanese phone numbers.

Why Choose Our SIM Card?

Fast Internet Connection

Our service, provided by Japanese telecom company DOCOMO, allows users to enjoy high-speed internet throughout Japan.


For the ultimate in convenience, we offer shipping directly to your hotel or airport pickup options for tourists and customers living in Japan.

Hotspot/Tethering Usage

Our SIMs support iOS hotspots and Android's tethering function.


* This SIM service is a monthly-based contrat.
* You will be billed monthly through your chosen Debit/Credit Card on the 1st of every calendar month until you choose to cancel your plan.


To cancel your subscription, please submit your cancellation request through MyPage.

If you cancel before 3:00 p.m. on the 20th of the month, you will not be billed for the following month.
Under this circumstance, once you submit your termination request, the contract will end at the same month.
(E.g. If you submit a cancellation request on April 19, your contract will end on April 30. )

If you submit a cancellation request after this time, you will be billed for the next month.

There is no need to return the SIM cards.

Cancellation requests made BEFORE Apr.20thThe contract will end on Apl.30th.
There is no settlement on May.1st.
Cancellation requests made AFTER Apr.20thThe contract will end on May.31st.
There is no settlement on Jun.1st.



How much does it cost to send an SMS?
1 -50 0yen
51 -200 550 yen
201 -1000 1100 yen
TAX include
You can receive SMS without charges.
Sending more than 50 SMS messages per month is subject to a fee.
SMS fee will be charged to the registered credit card in the following month.


What kind of payment methods are available? We accept Credit/Debit card online payments for monthly-based automatic charging during your contract.
Can I use a credit card issued in my country/outside of Japan? Yes, We accept credit and debit cards issued outside of Japan.
When is my monthly billing date? Your monthly fees will be billed and charged to your credit or debit card on the first day of each month.
For example, your April fees will be charged on April 1.
The monthly rental fee for the current month will be charged upon placing your order, and the full monthly fee is required regardless of the day of purchase.
We offer a discount on the first month's rental fee as compensation. Please check the order page for details.


How far in advance do I need to order for pickup? Please place your order at least 3 days prior to your desired pickup date.
Will I need to return the SIM card at the end of my subscription? You do not need to return the SIM card. Please dispose of it according to your local area's waste disposal regulations.
Once the contract has expired, the SIM card will be deactivated and cannot be used again.


I want to pick-up my SIM card at the airport. How can I get it? Please pick up the package at the post office during their opening hours. Please refer to your "Confirmation Email" for detailed instructions after placing your order.
What should I do if I am unable to pick up my SIM card at the airport? We can transfer your package, so please request a transfer if necessary.


How to set the APN on my device? The instruction manual included with your SIM card will provide information on setting up the APN.
You can also find additional guidance on how to set up your device on this website.
Is there anything I need to do to activate the SIM card, or can I start using it right away? Activation will be done automatically when you start using.
Will there be an instruction manual included with my SIM card? Yes, a printed instruction paper will be enclosed and delivered with your ordered SIM card.
Manual Sample


How can I cancel my subscription? If you wish to cancel your order or subscription, please log in to your Mypage account and choose the cancellation form to cancel it.
Is it possible to use the SIM card outside of Japan? Sorry, this service is only available within Japan.

Our SIM Service

Prepaid eSIM

¥ 3200 ~

  • 30/50GB
  • No Need to Replace SIMs
  • Completed Online
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SMS available SIM

¥ 4400 ~

  • 25GB/month, FREE shipping
  • docomo SIM, SMS avaiable
  • Monthly contract
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Unlimited Prepaid SIM

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  • Unlimited Data
  • High-speed docomo Network
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Rental SIM

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  • SIM card Holder and SIM Pin
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