Shuttle Bus From Narita Airport to Tokyo Station

¥1,000 One Way

Passengers will be allowed undercarriage storage of one large luggage (suitcases, duffle bags, etc.). We apologize in advance that exceptions cannot be made. Thank you for your cooperation.

You will receive the ticket enclosed in your package.
Please bring the ticket to the counter to make your time reservation, as explained below.

Before Boarding

1. After arriving at Narita, go to the Narita Keisei Bus Ticket Counter to reserve your departure time when departure falls between 7:00-21:50.

2. For earlier and later departures, please head directly to the boarding area.

3. Go to the designated bus stop for boarding (maps can be found below).

Departure Schedule

Buses depart every 20 minutes
First Departures Final Departures
  • Terminal 3: 23:10 PM
  • Terminal 2 North: 23:15 PM
  • Terminal 2 South: 23:20 PM
  • Terminal 1: 23:25 PM
  • Narita Airport Bus Stop Locations

    Notice! When Boarding From Narita From 7:00-21:50
    Reserving your Boarding Time at the Keisei Bus Ticket Counter Is Required

    Narita Airport Terminal 1

    Terminal 1 Building Arrival Floor Bus Stop No. 31

    Narita Airport Terminal 2

    Terminal 2 Building Arrival Floor Bus Stop No. 19

    Narita Airport Terminal 3

    Terminal 3 Bus Stop.
    These tickets are also valid for the route running from Tokyo Station to Narita Airport, however, seats are not guaranteed due to crowding. We recommend only using these tickets when moving into the city from Narita Airport.
    I understand no cancellations are allowed after items have been shipped (later than 5 days before Pickup Date)
    I understand reservations are required for Boarding Time at the Keisei Bus Ticket Counter at Narita Airport (When Boarding From Narita From 7:00-21:50)

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